I just wanted to say thank you for all your help over the years but for most recently, your help in the purchase of my new (used) truck. Knowing nothing about buying a used vehicle and worried sick I'd make a bad decision, your shop put my fears to rest backing up what the car dealer was selling me. I know we both hated to say goodbye to my old car, I hated to say goodbye to a car that was paid for, you hated to see years of reliable repair work rolling thru your shop, but I can assure you when (and we all know its a matter of when) my "new" truck needs professional attention it will roll into your place! Thanks guys!

S. Derrick
Little Elm

I didn't really know about Affordable Automotive until Saturday the 28th. I had to go there because Discount Tire broke my lug nut in half and got it stuck on the stud. They could not take it off so they sent me to you guys. Right away you greeted me and took care of me with great customer service, not your normal customer service I felt like I was talking to one of my friends. I was real comfortable he put me at ease during my stressful situation. Then I met the mechanic who worked on my vehicle he was also had great customer service. He answered all my questions and was positive about the situation the whole time even when I was losing hope. He put 7hrs in to get my wheel of my car and both stayed till the job was done. Never have I seen two people work so hard especially a Manager getting his hands dirty and putting hours working on my wheel as well. They didn't leave till 4:50pm. I was really satisfied with my experience with Affordable Automotive you guys have a costumer for life. They both told me they wouldn't leave till it was done and they honored that and honesty is hard to find these days. I need guys like those two working in my company.

B. Curtis
Little Elm

I recently had the radiator crack on my vehicle and was subsequently stranded with my little boy while towing a trailer. Your guys jumped through hoops to help me with my situation in addition to fixing my car. I cannot thank them enough. This is the kind of caring, personal customer service that I will never forget. Thank you all so much.

M. Michaelson
Little Elm

I was in yesterday for a four wheel alignment on my 1995 Lexus SC300. Runs straight as an arrow. Great job!!!!!!!!!

S. Brasseaux

A couple weeks ago I discovered that my alternator had a bearing that was going bad.  Rather than wait till the alternator totally seized up, I elected to have the alternator and serpentine belt replaced. The belt had never been replaced and it had over 90,000 miles on it.  I explained the situation to the folks at the Little Elm location of Affordable Automotive.  Less than an hour later, the new parts were installed for a very reasonable price.  Now that’s service you don’t get very often these days.  

Yesterday I took the base of an Office Chair in to Affordable Auto Care.  I needed to replace the gas lift cylinder and just couldn’t seem to remove the old part. I explained my problem and the mechanic felt confident he could remove the part for a $10 fee.  I told them to go ahead and in about five minutes with the correct tools, the part was successfully removed. When I attempted to pay for the service, they told me there would be no charge.  I was shocked! 

If you happen to be looking for a Professional, Service Oriented, and Affordable Auto Repair Shop I can highly recommend Affordable Automotive in Little Elm.  They’re right next door to Discount Tire and O’Reilly Auto Parts on FM 423.  Call them at (214) 423-0300, or stop by and check them out.


B. Schmidt

We want to express our sincere thanks to all that were involved in the repair of our Ford F250. We had alignment issues and you all found that the issue was caused by an object in the road that we ran over back in November. Hitting that object caused damage to the wheel & tire. We filed a claim with our insurance agency and took the truck to be repaired to our dealership. We have had alignment issues since and no one could find the problem, just kept re-aligning the truck. Thanks to a referral from Discount Tire, we took the truck to your shop in McKinney to have it aligned. There Edmund diagonised the issue being from the accident in November. After 2 weeks of working with our insurance agency, the Little Elm location has taken care of the problem. We appreciate your time and honesty in resolving our alignment issue. We have definately moved our business to your establishment. Thank you.

S. Wells
Little Elm

I had called around for pricing after I had been taken advantage of by another mechanic working for himself in diagnostics and actual work on my 2003 Nissan Xterra and went to Affordable. Affordable quickly diagnosed the problem and yes it did cost me a bit more to re-fix what someone else had already done, however, I quickly learned that the team at Affordable Automotive is awesome! They know their stuff and their prices are extremely reasonable. In fact my Xterra is there now to have some of the other things done to it that the other mechanic had told me needed to be done. Well my new friends at Affordable said those repairs are NOT necessary and told me what was needed and this has saved me hundreds of dollars. I highly recommend the shop in Little Elm to everyone that asks me and that is the only place I will be going from now on. Lesson learned and found a great place to take my vehicles. Thank you guys for bringing the faith and trust back to the auto repair industry for me.

S. Dutton

I had my suburban in there on November the 12th because of a problem with the rpm increasing in drive, and your mechanic suggested changing the idle air control valve.  Man, that fixed it, and I really appreciate it.  I just wanted to let you and the mechanic I talked to, I can't remember his name, know that I really appreciate the time spent with me and getting the car fixed.

D. Ewing
Little Elm

I want to say that your crew did a great job checking out and making sure my pick up was in good shape for my grandson to take back to school.  This is an honest shop that you can trust.

A. Dodd

About three months ago I visited the Little Elm location for a problem with the rear brakes on my 2000 Mitsubishi Galant.  Another shop told me the parking brake cables needed to be replaced, at a cost of over $300.  A friend recommended Affordable Automotive after her experience with the McKinney location.  I brought the car in and was told the parking brake cable was frozen but not broken, and it would cost $100 to fix.  I've since sold the car but had no future issues with the parking brake while I owned it.  I really appreciated their honesty and they've certainly earned my return business.

B. Briscoe
Little Elm

I want to commend your manager for the professional manner in which he handled my repair last Saturday. He accommodated my requested appointment time and, when I was late, he adjusted and got the work done within the estimated time. During my acceptable wait time of 2 hours in the waiting area, I observed the manner in which he managed the work orders in the shop and the arriving and departing customers. He is a pro. Congratulations on building a successful business! 

R. Voigt

I have been using Affordable Automotive for over three years now. You can expect honest opinions, great service and quick turn-around. Could you ask for anything more out of a mechanic?  I am a customer for life.

R. Fisher

I just wanted to send you a note. To my surprise when I picked up my truck today it was a lot less than what I was told me it was going to be. He told me the parts were less than he thought they were going to be. Most auto repair business's would have charged the price quoted, thanks for doing it right!

S. Witt

I want to thank the team at the Little Elm store for fixing my car. I initially had it towed to another Little Elm Repair shop and after charging me an exorbitant price, saying it was fixed & when I went to pick it up it would not start. So they said it was something else but would not guarantee me it would fix the problem and had another large price quote. At this point my son got involved in the problem...yes, I am a woman...the original place did not diagnose the problem at any time. After explaining to your shop manager what was going on he said the first thing they would do would be to 'diagnose' it. I had the car towed to Affordable Automotive on Thursday and Friday it was fixed...not the problem the first shop said but something totally different and much cheaper. I will be a return customer. Thank you so much for caring!!

K. Morris
Little Elm

I have had problems with my brakes in the past squeaking. I took my car in twice to the Dealership and they said nothing was wrong. It was just the humidity. Sad since it has not rained here in 3 months. However I believed them. Then my brake warning light started coming on and off. So I found this place right down the street and decided to use them. They checked my system, called with what I think was and excellent price to fix. Said only the front needed repair right now. Offered to change my oil since it was due and promised it the same day. The work was completed by noon. Then gave me some advice on tires and said I needed to have at least one tire and maybe two replaced. Said after they were replaced, I could bring it back to have the alignment checked. Their service was excellent. The staff friendly. The area very clean. Even had a small area with toys for children in their waiting room. I would use again and recommend them.

S. Stubbs

You guys are awesome! My battery was bad and y'all stayed late and helped me out to get a battery and change it their in the parking lot! I have been a customer for 4 years and will never trust anyone else to help me out with my bug. Thanks a million!

V. Brown
Little Elm

I'm so glad I found this place! I have had my check engine light on for months. I went to one place that told me to replace my gas cap, didn't work. Then I tried another mechanic in McKinney who charged me almost $100 and didn't fix it. Finally, I went to Affordable Automotive and they knew exactly what was wrong showed me under the hood where the mistake had been before and FIXED IT and for a great price!!! I'm so happy! They have definitely become our family mechanic! 

Google user review

I went to Brakes Plus and was quoted over $750 for camber bar replacement and alignment repair for my car. Came here for a 2nd opinion and it is only 2 miles from my house, I paid less than $130 for fix my car. The repair parts quoted by Brakes Plus was not needed, the 4 wheel alignment was done, camber and castor were adjusted and it was done in an hour and a half. These guys are honest which is hard to find in the automotive repair enviroment these days. Honesty and fairness is what they were, not to mention they are the most reasonably priced in all DFW. I am now a customer for life.

E. Hendrickson

Affordable Automotive Was Great! I went in with a suspected dead battery. It could have been an alternator or starter as well. But these guys diagnosed the problem and found that everything was ok. My wife had just run the battery down. They were very courteous and honest with me. While I was in there I asked them to align the wheels and rotate the tires, which they did. I also asked them to see if they could fix a problem where the car, when started, would immediately die. It would take several restarts to get it going. They found out it was a clogged throttle body. Even the Lexus repair shop I was taking it to didn't find that and didn't care to try and fix it. Affordable Automotive went out of their way to fix it and test it to make sure the problem was fixed. I will take all of my cars in there for future service. The only thing missing was a wash afterwards, but then the other places pad their prices for that anyway. Give them a try! 

Michael L.

Thank you is not enough for the customer service I received from Affordable Automotive.  My 2002 Kia Sedona was towed in from another garage (in Frisco).  My engine, literally was in pieces.  The shop manager's customer service was beyond exceptional.  He communicated with the other garage's corporate office on a daily basis. Everyone worked to find the cause of my engine problem which was caused by another garage's carelessness and lack of knowledge.  I am grateful for Affordable Automotive standing up for what is right and for their support in helping me to get a large company take responsibility for their damages.  My van is up and running.  I highly recommend Affordable Automotive!!!!

J. Callahan
Little Elm

There are repair shops and there are repair shops, and Affordable Automotive is the latter.  These guys are not transactional based, they know that if they do a good job the first time and charge accordingly, then you will be back.  I have and will continue to come back.  Thank you for creating a repair shop that I can finally refer to my friends and family!

B. Rawlins
Little Elm

I have taken my vehicles to Affordable Automotive for over 10 years - going back to when they were located in Celina. He has worked on no fewer than 5 of my vehicles in that period.  I have found Edmund to be consistently: a) Honest; b) Dependable; c) Friendly; d) Affordable.  I highly recommend Affordable Automotive, you will not be disappointed, and will walk away without feeling like someone pulled one over on you.

T. Taylor

Saved some money and fast service! My powersteering went out on my car and I saved some money by using Edmund Hardaways. They had to order the pump from the parts house, but it only took one day to finish the job. They promptly called when it was done.

A Google user

Thank you Little Elm staff! My wife and I were very pleased with the customer service and the quality work done on our Ford pickup. We were actually referred to you by the Autozone down the street. We were also amazed that you were able to provide an affordable rental car for the day to where it didn't disrupt our daily schedule on the home front. We were so glad the result was only a sensor and not the entire transmission and that the work was done in a timely manner. I'm so glad I had a great alternative to taking my truck into a dealer...we all know how that expensive circus can be. Thanks again and you can bet I'll be referring you to others!

A. McNulty
Little Elm

You shouldn't have to trade quality for price and with Affordable Automotive you don't have to!  This place can do almost everything you could ever need done to your vehicle from routine oil changes and inspections to major engine repairs.  I took my truck in to have the A/C worked on and was able to get it back the same day!  As an added bonus, they provide reasonably priced rental vehicles as well.

Jerry Y.

I usually do all my own car maintenance, but I've used them twice now. The first time was for a 4 wheel alignment and tire rotation. They did the alignment, and then told me my front two tires were too far gone to bother with the rotation. So I went and bought two new tires from next door at Discount Tire. 

The second time, I had a loud pop from under my hood at the light right next to their shop and my battery light came on. It was 5 minutes before close, but a guy still walked out there to do a battery/alternator check. He said the alternator was shot. As they went to replace it, they realized it wasn't the alternator, but the idler pulley was missing. 

Needless to say, I've been pretty happy with their work so far.


My wife's car had a bent strut that needed to be replaced. Affordable Automotive gave us a great quote and provided some honest options to keep the service affordable. I usually feel bullied into getting more things done than extremely necessary, but they understood I was in financial pinch. Good service, good location, affordable prices - including options for the rental car.


Affordable Auto always does great for me to, nice to go someplace you can trust.


I wanted to share the exceptional service I receieved at Affordable Automotive Repair shop in Little Elm on 423 just north of Eldorado Parkway. My car broke down in Plano and the tow service, after testing it told me the battery had died and the nearest shop to purchase one was Walmart. Walmart installed a new battery and for two days the car drove great. Then while leaving Market Street the car died again this time in rush hour traffic blocking one lane in the construction zone of Eldorado Parkway. 

This time the tow truck took it to Affordable Automotive. From the minute I entered the door I was treated like royalty. One of the owners offered me a seat and cold drink (it was 103 degress that day) while he inputed my information into his computer. He asked me if that was my only car, which at that time it was and offered me a loner to use while repairs were being made. I drove home minutes later in a fully loaded Chevy Tahoe which was quite enjoyable. 

The shop found that the alternator was dead and also during inspection found a leaking oil filter. They had already fixed both when they called me the next day but while testing the car found the new alternator was defective and it took another few days (holiday weekend) to fix the car, all the while letting me use the loner. 

When the called next the car was ready to pick up and the price was quite acceptable. I reccomend this company for your automotive needs. I now consider myself a customer for life with this company.

Little Elmer

I appreciate your quality service and honest business practices. I will highly recommend your services to anyone seeking auto repair. I came in asking to have my alternator replaced and your mechanics found the problem was simply a loose connection between the battery and alternator. Your claim is true, you don't replace parts that don't need to be replaced.  Thanks!

A. Stroud

Driving from the Red River to the Metroplex 5 or 6 days a week, the mileage I put on my vehicles is huge and having a dependable and honest mechanic is necessary in order to keep my trucks rolling. In this economy, it's important I make the right decisions and watch my spending. Over the past 7 years, Affordable Automotive has always done me right and given me prices that were always fair, especially in comparison to other shops. I have a 1999 F-150 that has only had Affordable Automotive hands on it and currently have 378,557 miles on it, even though I have retired the truck and is sitting in my shop, I would not sell it, even to this day. 

Thank you Edmund and crew for your dependable service and expertise that allows me to get this kind of mileage out of my company trucks. 

C. Chilton

Affordable Automotive is a breath of fresh air! I've started taking my families' vehicles to Edmund and staff since late 2008. Both my vehicles and our daughter's are older models with many miles, which goes to say that work regular is becoming necessary to keep them in top shape. The work has been done in a timely fashion and resolved expertly. Pricing has been fair and honest. No hidden charges or sales pitches. I've recommended Affordable Automotive to many of my friends and neighbors. I believe this is the best automotive repair shop in the Little Elm - Frisco area!

L. Keener
Oak Point

My family and I have been going to Affordable Automotive for the last 8 years.  The prices have always been reasonable and I trust Affordable to always do the very best work, and they stand by their work.  This is why my family and I have used them for so many years, and I recommend Affordable to anyone and everyone.  These days, it is so hard to find a car repair shop that won't take advantage of you and as a woman, that is very important to me.  Affordable Automotive is loyal, trust worthy, dependable and reasonable with their prices.   

L. Boyce

Affordable Automotive is first class! I've been taking my vehicles to Edmund and staff since 2006. Both my vehicles are older models w/ many miles which goes to say "repair" work is necessary. Not once have I had a problem that required another repair bill. Once its fixed... its fixed! The service is best in class. The work is done in a timely fashion and always a rental available for my convenience. There have been times when Edmund has assited me while stranded. The vehicle was towed or better yet repaired onsite. Edmund and his staff care about their customers and go out of their way to ensure WE are #1. Pricing is fair and honest. No hidden charges or sales pitch. I've recommended Affordable Automotive to many of my friends and neighbors and all agree... "this is the best automotive repair shop in DFW!"

Thanks Edmund! 

G. Boggs

Wanted to pass along a story one of my employees shared with me today.  I had recommended she take her car to Affordable.  She was having some water problems that were leaking back into the floorboard.  The initial repair was $100 and was told if it didn’t work, then the entire dash had to be removed and a roughly $900 job would follow.  The first fix didn’t work and a few days or a week later she took it back expecting the $900 repair.  She received a call at the office by your shop manager who had “good news”.  Your guys couldn’t figure out the problem and called Lexus who explained where a plug is to check.  They fixed it and told her there was no further charge since they should have caught it the first time.  She was thrilled and told me she is an Affordable Automotive customer for life.  She also said she is going to spread the word around to all her friends about how ethical your guys are.  She acknowledged you could have charged her $900 and she would have not known the difference.  Thought you would like to hear the story.  Nice going!

R. Temple

Thank you Affordable Automotive for moving into our neighborhood!!   After my first visit, I knew this was the place to bring my vehicle for all my needs.  First class service, wonderful atmosphere and always ready to get me in and out in a flash.  Love you guys!!! 

J. DeFrancisco

Hello, I just wanted to say thank you! My mother was recently in your shop in McKinney with my brothers car that had a rattle in the front end. Your shop repaired a flap on the front of the car for no charge. I just wanted to say thank you for taking care of her. Other places would have probably seen this as an opportunity to gouge the customer. So that shows me that you have a ton on integrity. I am closer to the Little Elm location and will be providing you with our business in the future. Thanks again!!

J. Kirby

I was very greatful to get my A/C fixed in my 10 yr-old car for around $100. The other option I had was going to charge me $150 just to SEE if it could be fixed. I haul my 85-yr-old Mother around in this car and simply could NOT afford to spend hundreds on a new A/C.  I feel very comfortable that I am not getting conned here to buy something my car doesn't need. I also appreciate the added bonus of getting online while I wait and making the time more productive. Thank you Affordable Auto !!!

M. Epps Jr.
Little Elm

I took my car to the little elm shop, and they were so nice to me.   They fixed my car fast, and it was a fair price too.  I just want to say thank you.

D. Galli
Little Elm

Words cannot express the gratitude I have for the owner and mechanic who worked on my car at Affordable Automotive, the Little Elm location. 

Prior to going to Affordable Automotive, I had three other mechanics look at my 2002 Toyota Highlander to try and figure out the source of a rattling sound I was hearing. After seeing some positive feedback online, passing the location regularly and having nothing more to lose by having another place try and figure out the source of this irritating noise, I went to see if they could help. Only the people at Affordable Automotive had the patience and experience to finally figure the issue out. I have no doubt going forward with the service and compassion they offer, I will become a regular customer. 

I have always felt most auto service places were out to see how much money they could squeeze out of you. At Affordable Automotive I found the complete opposite along with fantastic customer service that can't be beat.

R. Rivera

When my cars were out of warranty I have always done all of the work on them myself. Due to my advancing age, a bad back and arthritis in my hands I came to the realization that I am no longer able to do this. I had some rather major work that needed to be done, and frankly I had some fear in letting anyone else work on my car. I really thought that this would be very expensive and was concerned that the work might not be properly done. I took a chance on Affordable after reading some of the testimonials. I am so glad that I did.  Everyone that I dealt with there were very courteous and professional. The work that they did was perfect and indeed affordable. All that I can say is that they have another customer for life. Thanks again.

Scott I.
Little Elm

I had an exceptional expierience with Affordabale Automatotive at the Little Elm location.  My 1998 Navigator was towed there due to it was close to my house and I was somewhat skeptical with not having been there before and also by me being a woman, my first thought was O Lord I know that I'm going to be taken advantage of. I walked in and spoke with the manager about the truck's situation and he was very polite and very professional.  After the mechanics checked my truck out I was told that the front end was out. After about a week my truck was as better as it was when I purchased it. (alot cheaper than the dealership)  Thru that week they were informative, kept me up- to -date about the entire process, which I was grateful for.  They did superb work and that is why I brought my car to them to look at my air conditioner.  I am a very satisfied custermer and I will be a repeat customer. Not to mention I will tell all of my friends if they are ever in need of vehicle repairs.


Great service, great  prices, fair and courteous. Wish I had known about these guys earlier. I was so frusrated with mechanics and repair work I sold my car for almost nothing and bought a new one. I feel like affordable could have repaired that car correctly and for a fair price. GO to Affordable Automotive. THEY ARE THE BEST!

K. Willis

If you are like me, finding a trustworthy auto repair shop with fair pricing is difficult.  The windshield washer on my vehicle was not working, the windshield washer motor seemed to be not working at all.  I stopped in at AA to get a quote to replace the motor.  They were to order the part and call me when it came in.  They did so the next day.  I took my vehicle in for the repairs.  Before replacing the part the mechanic checked the motor; the motor was fine.  He said the problem was a blown fuse, not the motor.  I told the mechanic and Edmund, the owner, I was very impressed with their honesty.  I told them most repair shops would have probably changed the motor any way and I would have never known the difference.  However, Edmund replied "God would know" and I was sold.  Edmund said it would be stealing if they had gone on and replaced the motor.  I highly recommend you consider taking your vehicle to AA for repairs.  Give them a try.  Tell them a friend referred you.  Have a blessed day!

S. Stevens

This comment is long overdue but I wanted to be sure to send you a note of Thanks for how you helped me with my vehicle repair. I brought my Ford Explorer in for an estimate to have the wheel bearing fixed.  A couple of weeks prior I had to have the transmission replaced - a rather costly repair right before Christmas.  I was upset to have to deal with another repair bill, but unfortunately couldn't avoid it since the bearing was in very bad shape. The manager knew my situation and gave me a high and low estimate, he was very honest about what had to be done to fix the bearing and put it in terms that actually made sense! I was quoted between $800 and $1500. Not great news but I authorized the repair. I was told I would have my vehicle back the next day.  

I was very shocked when I received a phone call at 5:00 that same day saying my vehicle was ready for pick up and the bill was only $334!  He explained that the disassembling of my car was much easier than expected resulting in less items required replacement. I cannot thank Affordable Automotive enough and will be sure to send anyone I can your way!  You have earned a customer for life!

V. Manning
Little Elm

​I came into Affordable Automotive after a very frustrating 3 hours with the dealer of my '06 Suzuki XL7. All I needed was a state inspection completed after my "sevice engine soon" light was reset. I had this problem with my vehicle before and it was a simple fix. The dealer's service department told me I had a bad battery, a serious oil leak and my car wouldn't pass an inspection and they couldn't reset my warning light because my car had no codes. And then attempting to charge me $92.00. I was so frustrated with them I just left! Driving home I decided to pull into Affordable Automotive at 5:45 p.m. I was greeted by Edmund. I told him what happened at the dealership and he just smiled and said "let's take a look". 15 minutes before closing time! He came back and told me there were no problems with my car, my battery was fine, my codes were fine and there were no oil leaks! They had me taken care of by 6:00!  I would and will recommend Affordable Automotive to everyone! Honest people out to build a reputation for themselves! You have won me over and I am a customer for life! 

Thank you Edmund and your staff! Happy Holidays!

T. J.
Little Elm

It is refreshing to have a mechanic you can trust. These guys are awesome. When you bring your car in, you can believe them when they tell you something is wrong and trust they won't charge you for stuff that is not necessary.

J. Squiric

I highly recommend that you go to affordable automotive. They always treat you like family. Great customer service ! Edmund is very knowledgeable and knew exactly what to do to get us up and running as quick as possible. They helped me when my SUV broke down all the way in Dallas :) While our SUV was being worked on they have rentals available on property that are very reasonable, so we did not miss a beat is keeping up with life. I will not go to anyone else in the area.

T. Adkins
Little Elm

I just wanted to thank you for the service I received on my recent visit to Texas. Being a mechanic myself for 30 plus years. I know the difference between an alignment within spec. and an alignment that is true. Your technician did a great job. I can't remember the last time my 1990 Chevrolet truck drove this good. Your technician let me have a close look at your state of the art Hunter alignment machine. I must say I was impressed. I've never seen anyone do a four wheel analysis on a two wheel drive truck. I don't know of anyone in my town with that kind of equipment. That alone was worth my trip to Texas. Thanks.

D. Miller
Bossier City, Louisiana

FYI, anyone needing auto service or repair should should save yourself some $and try Affordable Automotive. I took my 2003 Suburban in to the Chevrolet Dealer for an oil change, 60K check up, inspection sticker and check engine light. I was quoted a whopping $1450. The next day (on a recomendation from a neighbor) I went to Affordable Automotive. Very nice people, clean HONEST and they only charged me $434! Thank you neighbor! 214-423-0300.

P. Wenzel

I've had my car in your shop in Little Elm twice within the past month or so. I just wanted to express my satisfaction with your service. It is GREAT! Recently I took my car to a nearby Kwik Kar for an a/c diagnostic. They wanted over $1400 to basically replace everything only after looking at it for 15 minutes max. For a second opinion I took my car to your shop. The mechanic spent almost an hour diagnosing my car. I was starting to get concerned but realized that he was giving a thorough inspection. As it turns out, I only needed a schrader value replaced - which you had in stock. My total cost was $141. My a/c has been cold ever since and I couldn't be happier with your service. I will be a loyal customer now and have already recommended your shop to another friend. Thank you!

G. Reddin

Thank you so much for going the extra mile to help me. I really appreciated you staying late for me to pick up the keys to our vehicle. Your kindness and patience helped me out greatly.

T. Seivert
Little Elm

We strive to provide you excellent service and reliable maintenance and repairs, at an affordable price, in hopes you will come back to use us again, and maybe even recommend us to your friends.  

Once in a while our good people make mistakes.  If they don't fix the mistake to your satisfaction, please ask to speak to Edmund or Mike directly.  This is our family business, we're in it for the long run and we hope you will be our customer for as long as you live in the area.

We sometimes receive applause by text, email and even handwritten notes.  Thank you to those of you who take the time to do that!  Some of your words are posted below...