​​Repair Services

  • Check Engine diagnostics

  • Brake caliper, master cylinder, booster

  • Hub bearing, cv axle, u-joints, driveshaft, rear axle

  • Radiator, water pump, thermostat, cooling fan, heater core

  • Fuel pump, level sender, lines

  • Leaking gaskets and seals

  • Suspension: ball joints, control arms, sway bar links

  • Steering: rack/gear, pump, tie rods, reservoir, hoses

  • Shocks & struts

  • Timing belt, tensioners & guides

  • Ignition coils

  • Fuel injectors

  • Electrical

  • A/C compressor, condenser, drier, expansion valve, controls and doors

  • Transmission

  • Cylinder head gasket

  • Engine

  • Starter, alternator, battery cables

  • Fuel filters

  • Window regulator, motor

  • Wiper motor, linkage

  • Belts & hoses



​​​Maintenance Services

  • Factory scheduled maintenance

  • Lube, oil & filter change

  • Computerized wheel alignment

  • Brake pads & rotors

  • Tire rotation

  • ​Tune-up

  • Coolant/anti-freeze flush

  • Power steering fluid exchange

  • Transmission fluid flush or drain/fill

  • Differential fluid exchange

  • Transfer case fluid exchange

  • Brake fluid exchange

  • Fuel system carbon cleaning

  • Throttle body cleaning

  • State inspection (1996 & newer)

  • A/C system check & freon recharge

  • Battery testing & replacement

  • Battery terminal cleaning

  • Engine air filter

  • Cabin air filter

  • Wiper blades

  • Bulbs & fuses​​​

We recycle

  • Used motor oil
  • Used coolant/anti-freeze
  • Used transmission, power steering & brake fluid
  • Used oil filters and fuel filters
  • Used parts cleaning fluid
  • Old aluminum parts
  • Old steel parts
  • Old catalytic converters
  • Old car batteries
  • Shop rags
  • ​Parts cores

We are a BG Shop for all automotive fluids:  motor oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, coolant/anti-freeze and gear oil.  When  you use BG products, you may be eligible for BG's Lifetime Protection Plan with up to $4,000 coverage per system.

For synthetic oil changes, we sell Amsoil 5w30 and 0w20.

​​​​Our professional technicians and service writers will help you maintain your vehicle to minimize needed repairs, and when you do need repairs, they will fix it right and save you money.​​